Springfield Township Administration Building
3475 E. South Range Rd.
New Springfield, Ohio 44443
Phone: 330-542-2377, Fax: 330-542-0357
Office Hours: M-F 8 am to 3 pm

Springfield Township was settled in approximately 1801 by
Peter and Margaret Musser when they purchased Sections 21, 26, 27 and 36, Township 9, Range 1 In what is now Springfield Township of Mahoning County, Ohio.

Springfield officially became a Township in 1803.

There are three towns within the Township which consist of:

1) Petersburg, which was founded in 1810 by
Peter Musser, Jr.
2) New Springfield, which was founded in 1826
by Abraham Christ
3) New Middletown, which was founded in 1829 by Samuel Moore. The Village of New Middletown was incorporated in 1913 and remains a political entity within the Township.

Senior Service Program
Seniors living alone, with a spouse, or other family members who would benefit form visits from law
enforcement will receive a weekly visit from a Springfield Township Police Officer along with any needed assistance with access to various services for our seniors. Our goal is to create a feeling of safety and a stronger presence in the community, reduce vulnerability of senior citizens, provide a sense of well-being and help maintain seniors’ independence as long as possible by utilizing every resource available.

For further information about this program please contact Officer, Glenn Corey at 330-542-2377
Ext. 140.

Springfield Township Recycling
Recycling Coordinator, Dorothy Keish

You may recycle newspaper, magazines, paperback books, shredded paper, cardboard, metal food & beverage cans, glass bottles & jars, plastics #1,
#2, #3, #4, and #5.

The following are non acceptable recyclables: light bulbs, mirrors, window glass, drinking glasses, heat resistant ovenware, ceramic cups & plates, clay
pots other plastics.

New Middletown Site:
10720 Struthers Road
New Middletown, Ohio 44442

In Front of Water Tower
Open 7 days a week during daylight hours

Hours Coordinator is present:
Tuesday 9:00-1:00 pm
Wednesday 1:00-4:00 pm
Friday 1:00-5:00 pm
Saturday 1:00-4:00 pm

The New Springfield Recycling Center located at 3475 East South Range Road, New Springfield, behind the Township Building is temporarily closed and relocated to our Struthers Road site which combines both Township Recycling Centers into one.

Springfield Township Fire and EMS Department
Fire Chief Matt Gebhardt

The office of Fire Chief Gebhardt and the EMS office
are both located in the Administration Building. Our Volunteer Fire Department consists of approximately
40 Firefighters, 30 firefighters/Paramedics and 7 EMS employees. The Township has 3 fire stations. One on Woodworth Road in New Springfield, another on Youngstown-Pittsburgh Road in Petersburg and one on Struthers Road by the water tower. The Township also has 2 Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulances. One located at the Township Building and another at the Fire Station on Woodworth Road in New Springfield.

If you need emergency services of our Fire or EMS please Dial 911.

For non-emergency calls please call the Administration Office at 330-542-2377.

Trustees Email: springfieldtownshiptrustees@yahoo.com
Fiscal Officer Email: pgibsonsprtwpclerk@yahoo.com
Secretary Email: springfieldtwpsec@zoominternet.net
Fire Chief Email: springfieldfirechief@zoominternet.net
Police Chief Email: spdchief@zoominternet.net


Cell Phone Policy
Code of Ethics
Credit Card Policy
Criminal Records Check
Departmental Rules & Regulations Administrative Information
Donantion Policy
Electronic Communications Resources Policy
Employee Speech Policy - Fire Department
General Employement Policies & Procedures
Pubic Records Policy
Purchase Order Policy
Records Retension Schedule
Rules & Regulations: Business & Information Advertising Sales & Gratuities
Rules & Regulations Relating to Fire Department Property & Equipment
Rules & Regulations Relating to Fire Station Safety
Rules & Regulations Relating to Ground Ladders
Rules & Regulations Relating to Hose, Couplings & Nozzles
Rules & Regulations Relating to Orders
Rules & Regulations Relating to Personal Conduct
Rules & Regulations Relating to Personal Hygiene
Rules & Regulations Relating to Personal Protective Clothing & Equipment
Rules & Regulations Relating to Respiratory Protection
Sexual Harassment Policy
Social Media Policy Long Version
Travel Policy

The above forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Don't have it? Download it here.

Board of Trustees
Robert Orr, Donald Williams, Rick Jones

Within the Springfield Township Administration Building you will find the office of the Board of Trustees. Trustees are the overall governing body of the Township. They are responsible for expenditures of all Township funds and make decisions on issues regarding Township policies, expenditures and hiring of employees. Township Trustees may also act as community spokespeople by bringing local problems to the attention of higher officials in the County or State.

The Board of Trustees hold monthly meetings open to the public on the Second Wednesday of each month at 8:00 p.m. inside the Township Administration Building.

Fiscal Officer
Patti Gibson

Also inside the Springfield Township Administration Building you will find the office of Fiscal Officer, Patti Gibson. The Fiscal Officer is also an elected official although, is independent of the Trustees but must work closely with them. The Fiscal Officer is the legally designated person to keep an accurate record of all Township accounts and transactions. It is the responsibility of the Fiscal Officer to comply strictly with the legal requirements set for their duties. The Fiscal Officer is required to establish and practice rules for efficient management of the office, and follow good accounting practices in maintaining records and accounts.

Springfield Township Police Department
Police Chief, Matthew Mohn

The Office of Police Chief Mohn and the Springfield Police Department are also located inside the Township
Administration Building.

If you have an emergency and/or need a police officer you may dial 911 or call Dispatch at 330-542-2895.

For non-emergency calls to the Police Department you may call 330-542-2377.

Chief Mohn, ext. 116
Lieutenant Fellows, ext. 134
Sergeant Tablack, ext. 136
Detective Lolakis, ext. 111

Officer Burnett, ext. 138
Officer Corey, ext. 140
Officer Holmes, ext. 135
Officer Polak, ext. 139
Officer Semchee, ext. 137
Officer Sigworth, ext. 147
Officer Smith, ext. 144
Officer Studzinski, ext. 142
Officer Treharne, ext. 141
Officer Wolfe, ext. 149
Officer Chapel, ext. 125
Officer Stachowicz, ext. 146
Juvenile Diversion Specialist Aimee Schweers, ext. 145
Secretary PJ Harbert, ext. 143
Police Chaplin Father Nicholas Shori, ext. 148

Juvenile Diversion Program
Depending on the severity of the crime youthful offenders who commit misdemeanant offenses or exhibit unruly behavior may be placed in our Juvenile Diversion Program to avoid the Juvenile Justice System and/or Juvenile Court. Our Juvenile Diversion Specialist works with minor children, their parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s), Springfield schools and social service agencies.

Springfield Township Road Department
Road Superintendent, Richard Kennedy

The Springfield Township Road Department is operated by the manpower of 2 individuals with over 50 years of
experience. Road Superintendent, Richard Kennedy and Assistant Road Superintendent, Eric Mace are responsible for maintenance and repair of approximately 36 miles of Township roadways, berms and ditches. Their duties include but are not limited to roadside ditching, mowing, and grading. Installation and replacement of driveway culvert pipes. Road resurfacing, filling and patching with hot mix and cold patch. Installation and repair of Township road signs. Removal of downed trees and branches. Winter snow
and ice control on Township roads and property.